Marketing Services - 75% Conversion Rate For Enquiries

We have a number of years experience in the Hire Industry and Marketing. We have combined our experience to provide Van and Car Hire companies with a marketing service on a payment on results basis. If you don't earn money from what we do, then you don't pay us for any of the services that we provide.

Our Structure is very simple, we make your phone ring with people wanting to book hire cars or hire vans. We also pass you email bookings.

Payment is on a per enquiry basis and the first 5 enquires per month are free.

Our average conversion rate for our members is about 75%. We only use very direct marketing to ensure the highest conversion rates.

The Payment Structure is below;

See the advertising Tab at the top for full details of our service. Any questions use the "Get In Touch" button below to email us.

What We Do

We allocate you a telephone number which re-directs to your landline, and we generate business to this telephone number and issue a report at the end of each month displaying detailed call information so you know what business we have generated you.

How We Do It

We don't just rely on good rankings on Google, we are connected to a network of estate agents so we can offer our email mailing list which stands at 11,500 and is growing by 20 per day, a hire van at the right time to secure the business.

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